Artificial intelligence will be commonplace in business within a decade say a third of companies

Aug 22, 2018 • Fleet TechnologyNewsArtificial intelligenceAutonomous Vehiclesfleet technologyBeverley WiseBlockchainfield servicefield service managementfleet managementInternet of ThingsService ManagementTomTom TelematicsiPaaSremote workingManaging the Mobile Workforce

Approximately one in three companies (32 per cent) believe the business use of artificial intelligence will be commonplace within the next decade, new research from TomTom Telematics has revealed.

Technology important for productivity but reliable information sparse, say UK businesses

Jul 25, 2018 • Fleet TechnologyNewsfleet technologyresearchBeverley Wisefield service managementService ManagementTomTom Telematics

A new TomTom (TOM2) Telematics study reveals UK businesses adopt disruptive technology to improve productivity and better manage employees but are discouraged by a lack of reliable information...


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