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The Top Four Tech in Aftermarket

Oct 03, 2019 • FeaturesAftermarketArtificial intelligenceAugmented Realitycopperbergfuture of field serviceVirtual RealityeCommerceremote diagnostics

Copperberg’s Thomas Igou outlines the four key technologies that he believes are going to be shaping the future of the aftermarket in the coming years...

Seeing Clearly

Oct 01, 2019 • FeaturesAugmented Realityfuture of field serviceVirtual Realitymixed realities

What reality are you using in your service programme? Virtual or augmented? Or are you leaning towards mixed? Mark Glover attempts to simplify the technology while keeping an eye on the real world.

Open The Door

Sep 27, 2019 • FeaturesSoftware & AppsAugmented RealityGoogle GlassHardwareMicrosoft HoloLens

Tech giants Google and Microsoft have released practical hands-free Augmented Reality devices aimed solely at enterprise. The hardware could spark an AR revolution in service, prompting boards to consider a technology that may, at one point,...

Joining the Dots

Sep 18, 2019 • FeaturesManagementAugmented Realityfuture of field service

Augmented Reality (AR) has been long been predicted to become an important, even crucial aspect of field service operations in the future, yet in it’s first iteration it has failed to come close to reaching its potential as a radical force for...

Beyond Remote Assistance

Sep 05, 2019 • FeaturesSoftware & AppsAugmented Realityfuture of field serviceRemote AssistanceDavid NedohinScope AR

It has taken longer than many predicted, but Augmented Reality is finally gaining significant traction in the field service sector. Indeed, evidence of this new momentum can be seen in the number of new AR vendors entering the space. One company...

Building a Business Case for Investment in AR

Aug 29, 2019 • FeaturesSoftware & AppsAugmented RealityTechnology InvestmentAugmentir

Augmented Reality has been widely predicted to become a fundamental aspect within field service delivery in the future. Here Jereme Pitts, COO, Librestream discusses how you can get a lead on your competitors and secure investment in AR for your...

The Key Benefits AR Can Deliver and the Challenges of Implementation

Aug 28, 2019 • FeaturesAugmented Realityfuture of field serviceOverIT

Francesco Benvenuto, OverIT gives us his expert insight on AR in field service...In the Era of Digital Transformation most businesses have begun to be acquainted with the tremendous potential of Augmented Reality (AR). As more enterprise-focused...

AR will not change the future of Service, Augmented Operations will.

Aug 27, 2019 • FeaturesAugmented Realityfuture of field serviceAugmentir

Russ Fadel, CEO and Co-Founder, Augmentir outlines why the next wave of AR implementations in our sector must harness Artificial Intelligence as well...

The Big Discussion: Augmented Reality - Part 4.

Aug 07, 2019 • FeaturesAugmented RealityFuture of FIeld ServiceWorkforceIFSskillsThe Big DiscussionOverITLibrestream

In the Big Discussion we bring together a panel of industry experts and focus on one key topic within the field service sector. In the final part of our forum on Augmented Reality, contributors including Stephen Jeffs-Watts, Senior Advisor...
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