The start of something big... Field Service News issue one

Apr 15, 2014 • FeaturesMagazineMagazine (digital editions)managementresourcesField Service News

Field Service News was proud to publish the inaugural edition of our quarterly magazine earlier this month, which is available for free to UK field service professionals. If you missed out on this first issue or you are based outside of the UK then you can download a digital copy here.

We are fortunate enough to be joined by some of the field service community’s brightest and best and have a wide range of guest contributors from differing areas of the industry, all coming together in one place, to keep you fully up to date of all the latest key trends, technologies and practices emerging in the industry today.

Although we haven’t just gone and brought together a great bunch of writers and let them get on with it - that would be a bit of a cheat wouldn’t it?

No, the team here at Field Service News have been earning their keep as well and amongst all the other the great insight and analysis you will also find a five page special report looking at the appetite for the Cloud in the field service industry. This report comes off the back of a two month long research project we conducted in partnership with Tesseract systems.

I won’t put any spoilers in at this early stage but suffice to say that not all the findings were what you might have expected them to be, so it is certainly worth a read.

Then there is our exclusive interview with Telogis’ Top Man in the UK, Sergio Barata. He has been given the somewhat unenviable task of replicating Telogis’ exceptional growth in the US (Deloitte Fast Track 500 6 years running?!) here in the UK.

No mean feat, however, Telogis did announce an investment of £90M not too long ago to help grow their British business so it’s clear they mean business and Sergio whilst being an amiable and approaching guy, is also very switched on, very knowledgeable about the industry and also has an excellent grasp of what he needs to achieve and exactly what steps he needs to take to do so.

Yet another feature you cannot miss is our panel debate - ‘All change please.’ With the industry seemingly in constant flux as wave upon wave of ground-breaking technology appears (each with the potential to change the industry as we know it entirely) we thought we would try to make sense of things by bringing five of the smartest folks we know and putting the same three questions to each of them. With a diverse range of backgrounds and specialisms they make a formidable panel (I certainly wouldn’t want to bump into them on a dark night!) and provide some fantastic answers across the four pages.

And then there is more! But you are going to have to download the issue to find out for yourself!

So Click here to download your copy now!