Some of the Service Challenges Posed by the Pandemic Have Led to Positive Outcomes for Organisations

Oct 04, 2021 • Christian Kowalkowskifield service technologyServitizationThe View from AcademiaCovid-19Digital Symposium

Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News is joined on the Field Service News Digital Symposium by Christian Kowalkowski, Professor of Industrial Marketing at the Institute of Technology at Linköping University and he is affiliated with CERS, at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki.

Professor Kowalkowski rapidly established himself as a leading authority in the field of B2B service strategy research and he focuses on service growth strategies, service innovation, and the interplay between digitization and servitization.

During the conversation, the two discuss a wide range of topics related to the growing trend towards servitization and how the pandemic has changed the approach to digital transformation among field service organisations.

In this exceprt from that conversation, they analyse which service challenges posed by the pandemic have ultimately led to positive outcomes for field service organisations.

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