Software AG integrates with ServiceMax

Sep 21, 2015 • Newsfuture of field serviceremote asset monitoringfield serviceIoTservicemaxSoftware AGSoftware and Apps

Remote asset monitoring specialist Software AG  is integrating its Digital Business Platform with ServiceMax's field service management solution, enabling customers to turn remote asset monitoring events into actionable field service requests.

Software AG customers currently using the predictive maintenance solution on its Digital Business Platform can now access ServiceMax’s field service platform.  The Digital Business Platform connects to any sensored gateway, pulling all equipment sensor data, performing real-time analysis and generating customized alerts. These alerts are then sent to the ServiceMax platform where they are turned into work orders. Once created, the work orders are delivered to service technicians in the field. The integrated offering allows companies seeking to increase the effectiveness of its maintenance services to do so with one integrated platform that combines best of breed technology and expertise.

Software AG’s solution for predictive maintenance exploits the Internet of Things by continuously analysing real-time equipment sensor data via machine monitoring to understand when maintenance will be required. The location of technicians are matched to replacement and repair equipment available and job completion time to identify the best technician available to perform the needed service during a scheduled downtime. By predicting remaining useful life of machinery and specific components, equipment manufacturers are able to schedule technicians earlier and order consumables and replacement components before customers even know they are needed.

Dave Yarnold, CEO, ServiceMax, said: “ServiceMax’s partnership with Software AG will add immense value to the ServiceMax platform and underscore the Internet of Things’ incalculable impact on the future of field service automation. We’re very excited to be able to provide our customers with a predictive maintenance platform that will enable them to boost operational efficiency with end-to-end control platform for field service.”

Sean Riley, Global Manufacturing & Logistics Director, Software AG, said: “As the Internet of Things becomes increasingly intertwined with the way people live and work, proactive and predictive service will be a critical differentiator driving real business value. The key to predictive asset maintenance is its ability to act upon the results of real-time analysis and communicate reliable expectations to the parties involved in maintenance services efforts. With the Predictive Asset Maintenance blueprint, maintenance program managers can capture, analyze, aggregate and act upon streaming IoT data in order to maximize equipment uptime, quality performance and yield. It’s a tremendous competitive edge.”



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