Severn Trent is looking for Robotics products and services

Nov 06, 2018 • NewsFuture of FIeld Servicefuture of field serviceRoboticsutilitiesSevern TrentWaste ManagementWater Management

Water and waste company Severn Trent is on the lookout for new and innovative ways to manage its water pipe network, and is now looking to the robotics sector to help provide solutions to some very specific issues.

The company is looking for individuals, companies and others to share their research or practical solutions to issues such as checking on water pipes buried several feet underground or even the automatic repair of pipes that have burst.

Dr Bob Stear, Deputy Chief Engineer at Severn Trent, explains: “Simply put, we want to see what’s out there when it comes to robotics and whether there’s anything that already exists, or which could exist in the near future, to help us with some of the issues that we face today with the thousands of kilometres of water pipes that we own and operate.

“It might be that there are devices, or research, that has a practical application in our industry but which was actually developed for something completely different.

“The beauty of this process is that we have no idea what diverse technologies might come back --but we absolutely do know the areas of our business where we think a technology solution could help us, and therefore our customers.

“We’re really excited to see what’s out there in the world of robotics and look forward to talking to the market about how this fascinating technology can help us to deliver wonderful water to our customers.”

Full details and provisional tender documents are accessible via the Bravo Solutions Tool: under the project identifiers;  project_666 - Request for Information Soft Market Test Robotics Market  and rfp_648


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