Serve Introduce Patented Warehousing Technology

May 21, 2019 • NewsWarehousingBlockchainParts Pricing and Logistics

Company announce blockchain-led service platform with warehouse features.

With this addition to its blockchain-based platform, Serve have created a new paradigm in smart logistics and complete customer satisfaction. Reducing the distance between the warehouse and end-user improves the order fulfillment experience for all participants by shortening delivery times and reducing costs.  Businesses can now expand their footprint without the added infrastructure. Integrating this technology into Serve’s award-winning platform furthers its goal of becoming a global engine for commerce and last-mile logistics.


"Our mobile warehousing system distinguishes Serve in the modern, on-demand delivery and logistics industries,” says Serve’s CEO Shahan Ohanessian. “With the increased efficiency and optimization this brings to our delivery processes, businesses will be able to provide big-box capabilities and order fulfillment services to customers everywhere.”