Proact helps Group Victor Peeters prepare for new ERP platform and instant capacity demands

Aug 29, 2018 • Newsmicrosoft dynamicsCloud servicesSoftware and AppsData centreERP systemGroup Victor PeetersProactSander DekkerVan den Kerkhof

Data centre and cloud services provider Proact has successfully supported Group Victor Peeters to deploy additional IT capacity for specific business activities. In addition, Proact is also creating a test and development environment for Group Victor Peeter’s new ERP system.

Group Victor Peeters is a leading specialist in industrial cleaning with over 45 construction yards across Belgium and the Netherlands. Peeters uses state-of-the-art technology to provide its customers with the best solutions.

When Peeters needed instant capacity for specific activities, the IT department turned to Proact for help. Koen Van den Kerkhof, Technical Lead ICT at Group Victor Peeters, says: “It was too complex and time-consuming to prepare our existing infrastructure to support these activities on short notice. That’s why we asked Proact to come up with a solution.

“Proact created an IT-as-a-Service based proposition which enables us to offer our staff compute and storage capacity on the fly through a VDI platform.”

Peeters still needed to use a key legacy software solution and wanted to integrate this into the ITaaS platform. Proact and a specialist partner worked closely together to enable the use of this platform, which is hosted and maintained at the partner´s data centre. Connectivity to the Proact data centre is facilitated via a dedicated VPN connection.

Utilising the broad knowledge of the Proact Group, a second project is in progress which involves the creation of a test and development environment for Peeters Group’s new ERP system. Van den Kerkhof decided that Peeters needs to stick to an on-premises platform based on Microsoft Dynamics.

Van den Kerkhof adds: “Because we do not want to use our own data centre for test and development, we asked Proact to deliver a private cloud solution. The various iterations of our new ERP platform will be hosted by Proact in its data centre. This way, we can work consistently and without impacting production systems, and we can fine-tune the new solution, which is expected to go live at the company on January 1st, 2019.”

Koen Van den Kerkhof is extremely happy with all the help Proact has provided so far. “We now have the systems in place that prepare us for the future. These new projects were handled in the same professional way. Proact has been a true partner and was able to act fast and flexibly.”

Sander Dekker, Business Unit Director of Europe West at Proact, says: “Peeters is a long-time Proact customer who counts on our expertise and services to support their business processes with IT. We are very happy to have helped them with these two projects and look forward to keep on serving Peeters in the future.”


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