PODCAST: Past, Present and Future with Steve Zannos

Feb 14, 2020 • Featuresfuture of field servicemanagementThe Field Service PodcastSteve Zannos

Steve Zannos, Director, Customer Care, Elextrolux and FSN20 alumni shares his thoughts on service in the latest Field Service Podcast.

Steve Zannos is a worthy addition to 2019's most influential in service list, the FSN20, our annual run-down of those making a significant impact on the sector. As Senior Director of Service at Electrolux, Steve oversees a vast pool of engineers as well as external contractors and has shifted the firm's service strategy to a modern outlook with tangible outcomes.

Steve wrote a fascinating piece on management and engineer engagement so we got him onto the podcast to discuss the article; challenges that arise when introducing new technologies; and how the the profession can encourage more young people into the sector. It's essential listening for any service professional.
You can connect with Steve on LinkedIn here and join the Customer Services Management Professionals LinkedIn group here.