Oldland's Opinion

Feb 10, 2020 • FeaturesFuture Technologyfuture of field serviceEmployee Engagement

Field Service News' Editor-in-Chief, Kris Oldland, offers opinion on what 2020 could bring for the service sector...

Kris_Oldland2015-copyMaybe it’s just the bluster of a new year, magnified but a whole shiny new decade, and not just any decade, 2020 an iconic turning point for an ageing Xennial like me old enough to remember the exciting future that Doc Brown showed us back in the 80’s, yet young enough to harbour the distinctly millenial disappointment that actually the early part of the twenty first century was pretty much the same as the end of its predecessor - just with more anxiety a far, far worse movies.

But I can’t help but feel a tinge of anticipation and excitement as we cross into 2020. Sure, I might have been massively let down by ‘hover boards’ but wont stop my enthusiasm for celebrating the future with the vim and vigour of someone raised on a diet of sci-fi movies that are almost all now set in the past.

But stepping away from childhood flights of fancy and back into my grown up job I actually think there is a huge amount of potentially very rapid development that is going to take the FIeld Sector by storm in the next twelve to eighteen months. And this, dear reader is why this issue is entitled “it’s all coming together” comes from.  Let me take a moment to explain further. 

"It feels much less like a crisis now and more of an objective to be undertaken..."

To begin I think it is become increasingly clear that we are moving away from an age where technology existed in silos. The concept of the technology stack is not a particularly new one, but it has finally begun to really take root in our broader consciousness in terms of how we view the tools we need to improve on our field service efficiencies.

As Amit Jain comments in this issues Big Discussion which is on Artificial Intelligence: “Ultimately, I think the days of viewing technologies in isolation are rapidly becoming a relic of the past. In today’s modern systems and solutions, you should expect to see a wide range of technologies all sitting alongside each other working in harmony towards an improved outcome.”

This echoes my own thinking I couldn’t have put it better myself. In another area of pressing concern again I feel we are coming together to overcome challenges - this time namely the ageing workforce crisis.

We are now quite some way into to dealing with this and many of us have gone through the process of replacing the retiring ‘boomers with incoming millennials to the point where the look and feel of the field workforce has begun to change and as the blended workforce gains traction that evolution will continue.

But it feels much less like a crisis now and more of an objective to be undertaken.

It’s an important objective make no mistake, but nothing we can’t handle.