New Exclusive White Paper Announced: A Practical Exploration of Existing Usage of Augmented Reality in Field Service

Apr 30, 2021 • NewsDigital Transformation

The field service sector took a massive step towards the widespread adoption of remote services in 2020. This was, of course, primarily driven by necessity as we adapted and overcame the challenges of global lockdowns. Indeed, at the end of 2020, Field Service News Research revealed that over three quarters of field service companies could now offer some form of remote service.

However, further studies from Field Service News Research also outlined that while the concept of delivering remote service had become commonplace since the pandemic, the tools being used to do so were varied. Less than a fifth of companies2 were employing more sophisticated tools such as Augmented Reality (AR) for remote service delivery.

As we explored in a previous Field Service News white paper, this rapid acceptance of remote service as a valid mechanism for service delivery, combined with the current relatively low adoption of sophisticated tools has created a clear window of opportunity to gain a competitive advantage within their field for those companies who can embrace these tools which can not only yield significant operational benefits but also drive major customer satisfaction improvements as well.

Having explored much of the theory and strategy across a series of White Papers and Research Studies (FSN Premium and Elite subscribers can access all these and more here) across the last six months in this brand new paper, we are shifting our focus from the theoretical to the practical.

Across the following weeks will be publishing a series of excerpts from this exclusive new paper where we shall be be exploring how field service companies are leveraging AR within field service environments today.

The purpose of this series is to distil some of the essential learnings from those who have direct experience of AR in field service to help identify the drivers, best practices and use cases of deploying AR solutions in a field service operation.

To achieve this, we have conducted detailed interviews with one of the pioneers and a true industry leader in this field, Help Lightning, as well as hearing directly from Revolution Retail Systems, a company that has not only adopted the technology but has been able to do so effectively, efficiently and in just a matter of months. 

We will be exploring how they have seen huge benefits to both their productivity and also customer satisfaction levels and learning directly from their experience in this area.

As part of our research for this paper, we conducted detailed interviews with Gary York, CEO and Evans Manolis, Senior Consultant of Help Lightning, to understand the technology’s evolution. Separately we also interviewed Clay Barker, Director, Service and Support, Revolution Retail Systems.

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