Motion launch "In-Vehicle Computing" with driver safety 
in mind

Feb 05, 2014 • videoHardwarein-vehicle computingmotion computinghardware

Driver safety has rightly become one of the key considerations for field service managers and fleet managers alike in recent years. It has also become a major inclusion in both software and hardware manufacturers list of product benefits and should be a one of the major boxes you want ticked when you are looking for a solution for your field service staff.

So it was little surprise that Motion Computing made the move to launch a comprehensive In-Vehicle solution as part of their range.  This includes a range of docks, mounts, integrated features and computing accessories designed to work with Motion’s own specialized Tablet PC’s with claims of delivering maximum safety, reliable connectivity and increased productivity for your field service team whilst they are on the road.

Motion’s vice president, marketing at Motion Peter Poulin commented on the alaunch of the range saying:

“Over the past 12 years, we’ve helped optimize the performance of mobile workers through purpose-built, rugged tablet PCs, tailored accessories and services”

“We developed our In-Vehicle Computing Solutions for the growing number of mobile workers who rely on tablets inside their vehicles.  As with all our solutions – the In-Vehicle Solution is designed to be flexible enough to enhance multiple workflows.  It is also durable enough to meet both the safety and quality standards demanded by fleet managers at water utilities and other field service organizations.”

Amongst the several safety enhancing features included are built-in sensors that limit the use of computer displays while the vehicle is moving and an administration tool that allows the fleet manager to configure what applications are accessible to the driver.

For those vehicles that have a driver-passenger set up there is an optional “swingaway” solution that provides full access to the computing device for the passenger even when the vehicle is moving.

The entire range of Motion’s In-Vehicle solutions is based around their patented “Tilt&Rotate” mount, which is specifically designed with economy of space in mind. The mount is able to accommodate Motion’s low profile F5t and CL910 Tablet PCs and provides a strong balance between flexibility and user comfort with a wide range of adjustment angles available.