Microlise Enters Field Service & Fleet Sectors with Launch of Clear

Jul 01, 2015 • Fleet TechnologyNewsMIcrolisetelematics

Haulage telematics platform specialist Microlise yesterday made the move into the field service arena with the launch of new product Clear, a product designed specifically for the field service and fleet sectors..

Clear empowers drivers to improve performance, delivering safety, cost reduction and environmental impact benefits, whilst also providing fleet compliance and comprehensive task management functionality.

Microlise recognises that driver engagement is crucial in achieving strong return on investment from telematics. Clear provides drivers with the insight required to understand and improve driving performance, using the Microlise Driver Performance Management mobile app, available on both iOS and Android operating platforms.

With this information readily available, drivers are able to improve their own performance, whilst management can manage by exception, with any debriefing or training resource directed where it will have maximum benefit.

The Clear solution is also designed to deliver compliance and fleet safety, with built-in vehicle walkaround checks ensuring vehicles are maintained and any issues flagged to the relevant teams within the organisation. A comprehensive reporting suite provides management with insight on compliance in terms of work patterns and HMRC requirements, where private vs personal mileage can be tracked.

The product has been developed with the specific needs of these organisations in mind, and we’re excited to be working in such a dynamic space.

This reporting suite also gives managers valuable information on fleet utilisation and productivity, delivering additional operational benefits, whilst real-time vehicle tracking gives fleet managers the insight to understand the location and operational status of every vehicle in the fleet.


“Clear will deliver huge benefits to organisations operating fleets of vehicles” said John Mills, Head of Mobile Workforce Telematics at Microlise. “The product has been developed with the specific needs of these organisations in mind, and we’re excited to be working in such a dynamic space.

“Whilst telematics solutions are traditionally centred on vehicle tracking and driver performance, Clear comes complete with a range of other features that will help organisations to be compliant in terms of HMRC reporting, DVSA regulations and in-house vehicle safety standards. Comprehensive task management and communications further enhance efficiency and service levels.”

The launch of Clear was marked yesterday with an exclusive event at Millbrook Proving Ground, hosted by transport industry lobbyist Quentin Willson.

Delegates were given  the opportunity to drive the Millbrook Alpine Circuit in vans provided by event sponsor Hertz, with the top drivers on the day experiencing a Hot-Lap with former ‘Stig’ Ben Collins, who also gave delegates feedback on their performance in the Vans and discussing good driving practices in general and his career experiences.

Find out more about the day plus how Field Service News Editor Kris Oldland fared as a van driver in the next issue of Field Service News.

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