Measuring Field Service Readiness

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In this second excerpt from a recent white paper published by Appify, now available at Field Service News, we provide an analysis on how to measure field service readiness...

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How field technicians rate their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other service equipment is especially crucial as all must now adopt additional, more stringent workplace safety protocols. Seventy-two percent (72.6%) of field technicians and managers rate the quality of the PPE they use to service their customers as "good" or "very good," an encouraging sign.

This suggests field technicians and management have a shared understanding of what makes for effective PPE.

How Would You Rate The Quality of the PPE You Are Using to Service Your Customers?

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How Would You Rate The Quality of Equipment You Use to Service Your Customers?

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How Ready Are Your Service Teams to Service Customers Post COVID-19?

Many respondents don’t feel that the pandemic will impact their field readiness. We asked respondents to rate how ready service teams will be to go on-site to service customers post COVID-19. Field technicians responded, on average, with a rating of about 8.3.

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The current societal disruption may very well cause ongoing changes to the types of work orders technicians service. When people stop using hotels en masse, there is less of a need for maintenance. Textile factories have likely seen an uptick in machine usage due to the demand for cloth masks. Those machines will need more frequent attention than they did in the past.

We may see spikes in work orders for industries that previously relied on only semi-regular maintenance visits. Other industries will demonstrate a marked drop in demand for their equipment.

Currently, field technicians see about 50 orders or fewer in one month. Forty-four percent of field technicians report receiving fewer than 50 work orders in one month.

How Ready Are Your Service Teams to Service Customers Post COVID-19?

There is a range of time frame durations for these work orders. More than one-third (39%) of field technicians have work orders stretching over multiple days, 35% have work orders that last one day, and 25.97% have work orders that last a few hours.

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How Long Does It Take to Complete a Work Order?

The volume of these orders and the duration they last may shift dramatically in the coming months. How organizations respond to changing demands will likely dictate future success.

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Look out for the next feature in this series coming next week where we discuss resources and technology investments for Field Service.

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