M5STACK Announce World's First Programmable Camera

Aug 16, 2019 • NewsAIHardwareIoT

M5STACK expands further into AIOT(AI+IOT) edge computing market with the K210 RISC-V 64 AI Camera.

M5STACK has launched the K210 RISC-V 64 AI Camera— an innovative machine vision and machine learning programmable camera that’s competitively priced to meet the needs of a rapidly growing AI market.

AI cameras help engineers quickly implement machine learning, image recognition, and speech recognition functions, and the K210 RISC-V 64 AICamera supports OpenMV and MicroPython to make programming on easier while delivering the maximum efficiency and flexibility needed for advanced level big data computation. 

M5stick-V AI Camera features its integration with machine vision capabilities, featuring the unprocessed acceptability to AI Visioning with high energy effenciency and low cost. We co-oped with Sipeed providing the MicroPython environment makes programming onM5stick-V easier.

Made with the incredibly powerful machine learning AI chip 'K210'— Kendryte K210 -an edge computing system-on-chip (SoC) with dual core 64bit RISC-V CPU and state-of-art neural network processor. a high-performance hardware accelerator that offers superior low power vision processing speed and accuracy— K210 RISC-V 64 AI Camera comes with numerous built-in advantages over its competition.

From its KPU high performance convolutional neural network (CNN) hardware accelerator, powerful calculation capabilities, and relatively low cost high-performance AI core to its exclusive hardware package with camera, horn, microphone, screen, gyroscope, battery, wireless communication and complete enclosure, K210 RISC-V 64 AI Camera was built from the inside out to be a powerful, ready-to-use product-level AI application terminal.

The module comes with the OmniVision OV7740 sensor, using the OmniPixel®3-HS technology, providing a best-in-class low light sensitivity, making it ideal for machine vision. In addition to an OV7740 sensor, M5stick-V features more hardware resources such as speaker with built-in I2S Class-D DAC, MEMS Microphone, IPS screen, 6-axis IMU, 200mAh Li-po battery, and more.

More than the visioning, M5stick-V also features the embedded APU - Audio Processor. With its hardware beam-forming support and dual 512-point FFT units, the M5stick-V is also capable of a series of machine hearing works like voice wake-up to speech recognition.

K210 RISC-V 64 AI Camera provides built-in image processing model libraries for advanced real-time facial and object recognition that makes it perfect and ready-to-use for: 
  • Face recognition/detection
  • Object detection/classification
  • Obtaining size and coordinates of target in real time
  • Obtaining type of detected target in real time
  • Shape recognition
  • Video/Audio Record/Display
  • Game simulator

M5STACK technology is already employed by engineers and creators and can be used in a number of practical industrial scenarios such as for creating and programming logistics sorting robots, intelligent security in buildings, autonomous driving, and countless others.