How Juniper Systems’ delivered one of the clearest displays ever in the Archer 2 Handheld

Feb 09, 2014 • HardwareNewsArcher 2juniper systemsHandheld ComputershardwareScreen display

When Juniper first rolled out their latest rugged handheld computer the Archer 2 it has gathered some sizeable attention and traction within the market place. One facet, which makes the device particularly stand out, is the exceptionally bright and clear illumiView display.

According to research undertaken by Juniper Systems themselves one of the most requested customer needs was a high quality display that was easily readable in direct sunlight.

To meet this need Juniper made some significant changes to their previous products starting with a global search to find the best display unit and manufacturer to meet their needs. However, a great display unit is only half of the battle, implementation is also paramount. A poor implementation of a fantastic display will still result in a poor final product, with a dim screen.

So in order to maximize the display’s potential Juniper actually made the other following changes to their previous display units in the Archer and other models,  in order to deliver a best-in-class product.

Firstly they made the switch from resistive to capacitive touchscreens. Now whilst they aren’t the first rugged manufacturer to make this change it is an important one as capacitive screens have fewer layers between them which results in less light refraction. Of course less light refraction means better luminosity and clarity, in fact capacitive screens are generally 20% brighter than resistive screens.

Secondly they introduced something called optical bonding to the manufacturing process of the unit. This is a special means of fusing the display with the touchscreen itself. So unlike most other rugged devices where there is a layer of air between the touchscreen and the display, in the Archer 2 this gap, which allows for light refraction (thedreby also reducing brightness and clarity) is removed.

“We are extremely pleased with how the new Archer 2’s IllumiView display has turned out; competitor products don’t even come close,” said Josh Egan, Product Manager at Juniper Systems. “We have put in a lot of extra effort and used additional resources to design the best display possible, and we feel that it has all paid off. Knowing that our customers will greatly benefit from this new display makes it all worth it.”

The Archer 2 is the lastest rugged handheld in Juniper Systems’ line-up. It can be used for a wide variety of data collection purposes including geomatics, natural resources, public works, agriculture, industrial, and military markets.

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