In-vehicle Specialists Captec and Getac Announce Strategic Partnership

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Captec is pleased to announce the agreement of a new strategic partnership with Getac, one of the world’s leading providers of rugged mobile computing solutions.

The new relationship demonstrates Captec’s commitment to the in-vehicle sector, and will see it gain access to Getac’s fully rugged tablet range to deliver reliable usage in critical working environments.

By combining Getac’s tablets with its end-to-end installation service, Captec will deliver complete solutions for in-vehicle applications, optimised for reliability, safety and performance.

Captec’s service comprises tablet sourcing, customisation, vehicle auditing, installation and comprehensive through-life technical servicing and support.

With in-depth experience of in-vehicle applications, Captec can integrate Getac mobile tablet computers into any service vehicle, regardless of make or model. Captec supports applications in a wide range of industries including emergency services, field services and defence.

Successful Captec and Getac deployments already include a waste management application, saving a customer time, money and inconvenience by reducing unnecessary vehicle recalls.

Peter Molyneux, Director of Sales, Captec, said: “Getac’s fully rugged solutions enhance our ability to satisfy specific mobile user demands in critical working environments, whilst lowering the total cost of ownership over the life of projects.”

This new relationship is the latest in a line of strategic agreements that benefit the in-vehicle market. Chris Bye, President, Getac, said: “Getac’s recent expansion has been built through working with an exceptional group of partners, organisations that genuinely provide value to their customers.

“Captec’s capabilities through engineering heritage epitomises this and its experience in customising solutions specifically to customer requirements, building on our durable, reliable and secure mobile platforms, is exceptional.”

This new relationship is the latest in a line of strategic agreements that benefit the in-vehicle market. Partnerships have already been tied up with industry leaders including Gamber-Johnson and Havis, as Captec grows and enhances its capabilities in this specialised sector.

Find out more about Captec’s end-to-end vehicle installation service here.

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