IFS to Garner data insight on Rolls-Royce aircraft engines

Aug 19, 2019 • NewsIFSRolls RoyceSoftware and Apps

IFS to optimize maintenance scheduling, service and product development through simplified access to Rolls-Royce Trent engine data.

Rolls-Royce has chosen IFS Maintenix™ for exchanging engine data with airlines operating Rolls-Royce Trent engines, including the Trent 1000, Trent XWB and Trent 7000. With a long list of world-leading airlines operating with its engines, the IFS Maintenix solution will help Rolls-Royce and its customers share data.

The IFS Maintenix Aviation Analytics capability enables the automated provision of field data, which ensures that Rolls-Royce receives timely and accurate information. IFS Maintenix then acts as a gateway to automatically push maintenance program changes from Rolls-Royce back to the airline operator. As a result, life-limited engine part maintenance deadlines can be updated based on actual operating conditions and life consumed by each engine in use.

Rolls-Royce helps transport thousands of air passengers and tons of cargo across the world on a daily basis, and maximizing the safety, efficiency and insights gained on each trip is paramount. With the support of IFS Maintenix and its Aviation Analytics capability, Rolls-Royce is able to offer a systematic method of exchanging and accurately updating airline engine life data to optimize the interval between engines being removed and sent for overhaul. This will provide new streams of data for Rolls-Royce to analyze the performance of fleets with Trent engines and refine the aftermarket offerings it can provide its customers, from service-based contracts to analytics insights and more.

Richard Goodhead, Rolls-Royce, SVP Marketing – Civil Aerospace, said: “Ease of data sharing is a key component in the Rolls-Royce IntelligentEngine vision, which sees a future in which our aero engines are increasingly connected, contextually aware, and even comprehending. Working with IFS Maintenix to ensure we receive accurate and timely engine life data will help us as we make further progress toward that objective by helping us deliver greater levels of reliability and efficiency to our operators.”

Scott Helmer, President, Aerospace & Defense Business Unit, IFS added: “We are thrilled to work with Rolls-Royce to deliver next-generation maintenance protocols, all based on up-to-date engine life data. This strategically important deal offers further proof that IFS Maintenix can help aviation organizations maximize the revenue potential of their assets through standard, lean, and predictable maintenance.”