IBS Bürosysteme saves thousands of hours of manual processes with Evatic, an Asolvi product

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IBS Bürosysteme reports that in 2017 it saved thousands of hours and nearly quarter of a million euros thanks to Asolvi's leading-edge software platform, Evatic.

IBS Bürosysteme is an IT and document management services provider based in Münster, Germany. It started out as a small sole proprietorship founded with very little capital by Karl Isfort in 1966.

It wasn't long before Isfort's entrepreneurial spirit and zest for success transformed the business into a leading player in office services, and one site spanning 170 m² became six sites spanning 15,000 m². In 1996, the IBS Logistics Centre became the largest office retailer in Münsterland.

Evatic has been contributing to the company's success for the last nine years, but last year its cost savings hit the stratosphere.

IBS Bürosysteme uses Evatic's sophisticated scheduling functionality, automated service ticket creation and the specially designed Evatic Mobile Service app for field engineers.

CEO Olaf Isfort explains, "These features combined save IBS Bürosysteme 30 minutes of manual and paper-driven activities on each and every service project. Since IBS Bürosysteme’s 12 field engineers undertake about 40 jobs each day, time saved per day is in the region of 20 hours. Last year this saved us an enormous €216,000."

Isfort is keen to stress that the benefits of Evatic for IBS Bürosysteme go beyond cost savings.IBS Bürosysteme also uses Evatic Consumable and Meter Management (ECMM), a machine-to-machine solution that boosts profitability, cuts out wasted toner and streamlines processing. ECMM is seamlessly integrated with IBS Bürosysteme's fleet management system and directly processes data from all the printers and copiers in the fleet, generating invoices and consumable replacements automatically.

"Evatic cuts out 45 hours a month of manual billing and toner replacement tasks," says Isfort. "Last year this generated a saving of €24,300 for IBS Bürosysteme."

But Isfort is keen to stress that the benefits of Evatic for IBS Bürosysteme go beyond cost savings. "We're able to keep a much closer eye on our profitability, performance and customer satisfaction than we could before Evatic's implementation," he says.

"Evatic's user-friendly dashboards let us monitor contracts, machines and customers, service and toner management, and whether we are meeting SLA requirements and reducing repeat service visits."

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