HOLT CAT select Augmentir to Accelerate Onboarding of New Staff

May 19, 2020 • NewsArtificial intelligenceDigital TransformationField Service Engineer TrainingAugmentirRuss FadelBrandon Acosta

HOLT CAT, the largest US dealer of Caterpillar machines and engines, has adopted Augmentir’s Connected Worker platform to speed-up the process of training new technicians and to standardise job times.

The company operates across construction, mining, industrial, petroleum and agricultural sectors, selling, renting and servicing equipment. The firm will look to spread the Augmentir platform across other areas of its re-manufacturing and rebuild operations, including their business systems and workflows.

Artificial Intelligence's effect on Field Service Productivity

The firm’s new workforce approach will see them dovetail Augmentir’s AI-centric software with Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning, a platform they currently employ, and a move that Brandon Acosta, VP of Enterprise Operations at HOLT CAT, says should enhance productivity and output. “We truly believe that the seamless connectivity of Augmentir with that platform [Field Service Lightning] will empower our technical staff within one end-to-end digital platform; not just what to do, but how to do it,” he said.

Russ Fadel, Augmentir’s CEO and Co-Founder is confident HOLT CAT will see progress in staff training and overall productivity. Commenting, Fadel said: “We are excited to be selected as HOLT’s connected worker platform for its service, repair and maintenance applications. Our AI-based Connected Worker Platform helps industrial companies to intelligently close skill gaps so that the entire workplace can perform at its peak.

The Augmentir platform uses Artificial Intelligence in a suite of tools that assist firms in the digital transformation of their operations, for example moving from paper-based procedures to digital, augmented work instructions. It can speed-up the process of training new technicians by capturing legacy worker knowledge creating digital work instructions and workflows.

It recently upgraded its remote-connectivity capability, Augmentir Remote Assist, which now includes real-time chat, live video and audio collaboration and a recording capability to enhance knowledge sharing, a requirement gaining traction as social distancing rules from Covid-19 permeate service operations.

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