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FieldAware is re-shaping the field service industry. 

FieldAware has a solution to automate field service workflows and activities that is a made-for-mobile, cloud-based software architecture. We designed our solution to address the decades old challenge of automating field service activities and workers from the ground up. We enable them to capitalise on a modern technology infrastructure for ease of use and incredible flexibility. We combine our software with the industry’s best implementation, on-boarding and support services enabling companies to take full and rapid advantage of today’s mobile environment throughout the organisation.

FieldAware delivers an end-to-end solution encompassing a robust suite of core functionality bundled into the primary solution that automates most field service organisations. In addition, FieldAware offers value-add modules for enhanced capabilities, such as analytics, optimisation, dynamic workflows, all with the benefits and accessibility that only a made-for-mobile platform architecture can bring.

Our focus is 100% on field service management, which means we can continuously expand, improve, and optimise the end-to-end suite of capabilities we deliver to best serve field service organisations. This allows us to deliver on our vision to help our clients drive value across functional and organisational boundaries. It enables them to evolve their field service maturity to address their changing business requirements as dictated by strategic direction or growth.

Field service is complex, and our clients want to fully enable their remote workers. They want to provide them with easy access to the information they need, when they need it. They also want to provide the back office and management teams with complete visibility too. This means providing transparency to the workflows, the worker, assets and parts that are being used in the field, so that operations can be managed effectively and productively. But the need for transparency doesn’t end there. In order to drive value within and across the organisation, our clients need their data and business intelligence to lead to actionable outcomes to support the strategy, growth and profitability of the business.

FieldAware provides the comprehensive solution to address all of these requirements.

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