Field Service News Podcast: Making sure you choose a winner

Jun 04, 2014 • FeaturesPodcastExel Computer SystemsSimon SpriggsSoftware and Apps

Welcome to the latest edition of the Field Service News podcast. This month we are joined by Simon Spriggs, Account Manager Exel Computer Systems.

In this exclusive interview Simon talks openly about what we can expect and demand from Service Management software providers, including the differences between scheduling systems, how much customisation can be expected, what we should expect in terms of support during implementation of a new software and how to build a case for investment from your board.




Simon will also be joining Field Service News in the Field Service Solutions Theatre at this year's Service Management Expo being held in London's ExCel on June 17th, 18th and 19th. So if you want to here more from him then make sure you get your complimentary 3 day pass by clicking this link

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