Field Service News Industry Interviews: Emma Newman, Leadent Solutions, Part Four

Feb 12, 2015 • videoFeaturesManagementleadent solutionsmanagementworkforce optimisation

Workforce optimisation specialists Leadent Solutions have recently launched a new health-check service for companies operating a mobile workforce to ensure they are getting the most out of their existing systems and processes.

To find out more about what this service entails Field Service News Editor Kris Oldland spoke exclusively with Emma Newman, Managing Consultant at Leadent Solutions and we will be bringing you this interview across the next four weeks.

In this first part of this new series the discussion focussed on perhaps the most important part of any organisation, the people.

In part two we discussed why processes are such a key ingredient in the successful mix of a field service organisation and how we can get these right and in part three we looked at assessing the systems you have in place

There is also an accompanying series of articles to this interview which add further insight into the health-check. The first of these of which is available here.  The second feature written by Mark Thompson, Managing Consultant with Leadent Solutions is available here and looks at processes, the third feature written by Kevin Anderson looks at systems is available here and finally the feature which accompanies this instalment is available here



If you think your company could benefit from the Healthcheck you can contact Emma and the team directly by clicking this link



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