ECi Launch App for Remote Service Technicians

Apr 16, 2019 • NewsSoftware and Apps

ECi Software Solutions have launched MobileTech software, a new native mobile app its e-automate® users.

The app will streamline the process of managing service calls by providing service technicians with real-time, remote access to customer data and enabling them to create, view and address service calls from any location.


ECI's E-automate software centralises complex business processes, giving a holistic view into operations and helping eliminate redundancies. With MobileTech, dealers will now have access to a mobile app that is completely integrated with their ERP software, allowing them to give the best possible customer service from anywhere, at any time. Customer and equipment history will be available in its entirety, making it easy for technicians to look up past customer data.

The mobile app also includes a GPS feature so service technicians can map service call and tech activity; a search functionality to quickly look up part location and availability; a service call recording and time tracking capability; and a live chat feature allowing technicians to communicate with one another. As a result, technicians will be able to resolve even more calls per day, increasing customer satisfaction and ultimately saving time.