Echoes Across Servitization and Digitalisation

Jun 25, 2021 • FeaturesDigital TransformationThe View from AcademiaServitization and Advanced ServicesEMEAUniversity of LiverpoolChris Raddats

Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News is joined on the Field Service News Digital Symposium by Dr Chris Raddats of the University of Liverpool a seasoned expert with experience from both the industry and academic sides of the aisle centred around servitization, digitalisation and service marketing.

During the discussion, the two discuss a wide range of topics related to Raddat's sphere of insight including reflecting on the current learnings that are coming from a recent raft of academic literature.

In this excerpt from that full interview, the two discuss how there are echoes of some of the early learnings of servitization that should be considered as we embrace digitalization.

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