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Contact information:

Phone: 0115 9460101


Services Provided:


  • Scheduling Services
  • Mobile Workforce Management Solutions
  • Hosted Services


Company Bio:

Use Assign, from Wheatley Associates to plan the work of your mobile workforce, effortlessly ensuring the right person is sent to the right job at the right time, increasing your customer satisfaction, optimising your resources and reducing your costs.

Booking work

Assign guides you through the process of booking work directly onto the scheduler with an intuitive booking system, or you can use an existing call centre system interfaced with Assign to take bookings on the calendar.

As you select all the work required in a booking, Assign determines how many operative visits are needed to fulfil the complete booking. Customer service advisers can then offer appointment times based on an instant calculation of the availability of appropriately skilled operatives within the customer’s location. A clear warning is displayed if a lack of skills or availability may make it difficult to schedule the work.

An appointment date, a timeband within that date and even a precise appointment time can be chosen, providing maximum flexibility and service to the customer.


As work is booked, it is collated within Assign ready for accurate and efficient scheduling. Assign carries the details of all operatives, including their photograph, their start/end point, current location, skills, personal productivity and effectiveness. Assign uses the work and operative information to automatically calculate the most efficient distribution of work to the operatives, increasing productivity while also meeting appointment requirements, ensuring customer commitments are met fully.

The schedule screen graphically shows the work that has been allocated to each operative, along with their travel time. The status of each appointment is colour-coded and updates in real time, giving the user an at-a-glance view of progress.

Mobile Working

When used with our mobile solution, Assign extends its reach to provide a powerful field force information-capture solution. This combination ensures that customers get the right operative on the right job at the right time. Operatives are able to capture information for each job quickly and accurately, reducing errors and back-office overheads. Compatible with Windows Mobile, iOS, Android and BlackBerry.


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