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Contact information for Asolvi:

Key Contact: Tony Milford
Phone: +44 (0)1494 465066




Services provided:

  • Contract & Asset Management
  • Service call scheduling and optimisation
  • Stock & Logistics
  • Quotations
  • Internal Repair Centre & CRM
  • Customer Web portal
  • Mobile Data



All about Asolvi:

The world’s favourite field service management software

Tesseract is Asolvi’s longest-standing field service management solution, with over 7,500 users across 25 countries. It brings its host of benefits to service directors, managers, engineers and CEOs alike by automating and optimising all phases of the field service operation, from logistics to SLAs.

Why choose Asolvi?

Optimises operations: Better utilises field resources as well as office employees. You’re able to do more work with the same number of workers.

Increases revenue and cost control: You’re able to invoice more hours and more materials, at the same time making sure you have full control of the cost to deliver services.

Automates and streamlines your processes: Automating processes and aligning your service delivery to match is crucial to stay ahead of competitors.

Change management: Enables your organisation to change as the market does.

Contract management: Gives you far better control over your current and future contracts, enabling you to calculate contract prices correctly and monitor profitability.  

All the functionality you expect from Asolvi is standard:

  • Asset tracking and configuration control with serial/asset numbers and full audit trail.
  • Contract administration with SLA, billing, warranty control and third-party support.
  • Call logging with diary, SLA escalation and full audit trail. Engineer dispatch with job updates, parts usage and job invoicing.
  • Logistics control for warehouse and van, for both repairable and disposal parts.
  • Full workshop repair module including a booking in/out wizard and full audit.
  • Generation of sales and contract quotations using a simple wizard.
  • Further works / job quotations.
  • Meter billing: usage, minimum and block together with consumables.

Asolvi’s singular commitment to field service management software ensures that we are in touch with the requirements of our customers not only for today but for the future. Our development within the field of service management leads the way for the next generation of service operations.

Providing a service management system is only part of the solution. Asolvi also offers training and consultancy to help you achieve the best possible results from your investment immediately.



Client Testimonies for Asolvi:

“We wanted to streamline the system, we wanted faster invoicing, faster ordering of parts, better visibility, and we wanted to be able to see jobs through to completion directly and with all the relevant information to hand. Tesseract’s REA has totally delivered on all those counts.” - David Monteith, Tecalemit

“With over 195,000 sites to look after, managing our data and service work would be a real challenge if it wasn’t for Tesseract.”- Richard Spencer, IT Consultant, SCCI Alphatrack