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Contact information:

Phone: 0141 352 2280

Services provided:

  • mobile workforce management
  • field service software solutions
  • form designer
  • mobile data capture
  • asset management
  • task scheduling
  • resource planning
  • issue management
  • data dashboards
  • client portal

Company bio: 

Pulsion Technology partners with its clients to mobilise their workforce and transform business operations. Pulsion’s field service management software, Konformance, connects you with your field workforce, giving you complete visability of the service delivery operation while driving efficiency and profitability.

Pulsion understands that every business is different and do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach. The team take the time to understand your needs and your business strategy, tailoring a field service management solution based on your objectives.

Key features of Konformance software include:

  • Forms Designer: Throw away your old paper forms or documents and design mobile forms which can be sent to your mobile field workers to complete tasks. Photographs and signatures can be recorded as well as complex information such as non-conformance issues, faults and recommendations.
  • Mobile Data Capture: Record data on a mobile form which can be transformed into a professional report instantly. Produce detailed and consistent word documents without the need to type detailed information.
  • Asset Management:Track and manage an organisations assets quickly and easily on a mobile device using Konformance. By creating an asset register and assigning each asset with a unique asset number, field workers can easily identify an asset, record data relating to that asset and monitor its performance.
  • Task Scheduling:Allocate jobs completely electronically and more efficiently, minimising the risk of scheduled tasks being missed or overdue.
  • Resource Planning:View each workers schedule and utilisation rate in a diary format over a specific period of time, giving you an accurate view of staff availability and the ability to re-allocate resources quickly and easily. Instantly highlight any out-of-specification measurements or issues with the assets you are working with.
  • Data Dashboards:Easily display and share important measurements, key performance indicators and non-conformance issues amongst the relevant stakeholders.
  • Client Portal:Set tiered, client-by-client permissions levels so you can control what information a user can access. Clients can download job reports as soon as they are completed and view both current and historic non-compliance issues.

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