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Contact information:

Phone: US:1800 986 4210 / UK: 0800 520 0458


Products and services from GeoPal:


  • SaaS / Web Management System
  • Mobile App – Android (mobile phones and tablets) and iPhone
  • Customisable Mobile Forms / Mobile Data Capture
  • Scheduling and Dispatch
  • Workforce Optimisation
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Route Replay
  • Mapping and GIS
  • API Integration
  • Asset Management
  • Lone Worker Protection
  • Portals
  • Reporting


About GeoPal:

GeoPal is a cloud service and mobile app for companies that need to manage a field based workforce.

GeoPal is used across industries including field service, facilities management, home healthcare, engineering & surveying, transport & logistics, and the public sector.

While these industries are diverse, they have a common set of needs:

  • See the real-time location of field workers and the jobs they are working on,
  • Increase field worker productivity
  • Eliminate paperwork and collect information from the field
  • Provide proof of delivery for work done or services provided.


With better visibility of worker locations, scheduling of jobs is more efficient, and because information captured in the field is sent instantly and securely to the office without the need for data re-entry later, workers can complete more jobs per day.

Businesses no longer suffer from lost or delayed paperwork, and the improved efficiency of data transfer means invoices can be issued faster, increasing cash flow.

GeoPal’s customisable mobile forms can capture customer signatures, photos, barcodes or RFID scans, and a variety of data formats and transmit the information instantly to the office. The office administrator can view worker, asset and customer locations on the map, schedule and dispatch job information to worker’s mobile phones, and configure assets, reports, and lone worker protection settings.

This gives better visibility and control of business operations, improves productivity and accuracy of work completed in the field, and enables increased cash flow by issuing invoices and customer reports faster.

If you have existing internal systems, into which you are re-entering data from spreadsheets or paper forms, GeoPal can be used as a complementary mobility solution. Our powerful and flexible APIs let you connect GeoPal to existing systems (HR, CRM, Finance), ensuring the secure transfer of information between field and office to add mobility and improve reporting for your business.

GeoPal is used by customers in USA, Ireland, UK, Middle East and Africa. Customers on average see a 20% improvement in productivity and up to 50% reduction in administration costs by using GeoPal mobility solutions.

Visit for a free trial, to see the difference GeoPal can make to your business.


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GeoPal mobility solution improves visibility and location tracking while reducing costs for businesses providing field services to the Telecommunications Sector. Click here to read more (instant access, no registration required)