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Contact information: 

Key Contact: Monika Douglas
Phone: +44 (0) 7708 193597


Services Provided by Parcel Holders:


  • Subscription and pay as you go options available
  •  Bespoke PickUp
  • DropOff point recruitment
  • Suppliers can ship direct to our PickUp DropOff points
  • Use our website or connect to our API
  • Register now for your 14-day trial



About Parcel Holders:

Building on the success of sister company Parcel PickUp, Parcel Holders offers field service companies a simple way to reduce wasted hours travelling to and from the depot...

Our proven track record with sister company Parcel PickUp means that missed deliveries are a thing of the past.

We are now dedicated to providing the same level of service and expertise to professional field service engineers, ensuring you have the parts you need delivered to where you need them.

We eliminate the need for your engineers to wait in for deliveries or travel to a depot to collect parts. Our aim is to maximise the time they have available to do what they do best.

Utilising a nationwide network of PickUp DropOff (PUDO) points from our sister company Parcel PickUp enables you to specify where you need your parts to be and makes them easily accessible to your engineers.

These PUDO points allow businesses to get parts out to, and receive parts back from, field personnel. This saves your business lost man hours, fuel and time as it means your field personnel spend much less time on the road - less travelling back to base or to distant delivery company depots to get parts and the maximum time possible at your customer sites doing their job and earning your business money.

Our PUDO network is made up of independent newsagents and convenience stores that are generally open from 6am till late in the evening.

We have 140 PUDO’s in our network, but if we don’t already have one where you need it, then we invite you to Challenge Monika to get you one within a week.

You don’t need any barcodes or specialist equipment to use our service, so you can start using Parcel Holders as soon as you have signed up.

Our process relies on a simple alphanumeric code that changes with each consignment of parts you send. That way each delivery can be tracked. We call this code the ‘Label Code’, and you add it to the address of each consignment of parts to be picked up or dropped off, to or from our PUDO’s.

The address and ‘Label Code’ can be written on your consignment with a pen if you wish - perfect for engineers out in the field.

When you add field engineers to our system we text and/or email them to let them know how the system works and what to expect.

You can send your consignment of parts to our PUDO using any delivery company you wish. Alternatively, you can save further time and delivery costs by having your suppliers use this addressing information to deliver to our PUDO direct!


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