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Jan 27, 2013 • LogisticsDirectory

Contact information:

Phone: 020 7880 1412

Services Provided:


  • SameDay Courier
  • UK and International logistics
  • Technical courier
  • Logistics solution design
  • Multi-drop courier
  • Parts distribution


About CitySprint:

We deliver… products and parts to your engineers, wherever they are.

We are specialists in flexible express and same day solutions, and can save you money and time with our ‘in-night’ and ‘in-boot’ courier services, with deliveries being made securely and efficiently before the working day even begins.

CitySprint is the UK’s leading same day distribution network, helping you deliver your business promises, whatever they might be.

We understand that your package is critical to your business and therefore the importance of our role in delivering it safely and securely, on time.

We offer a comprehensive range of services: SameDay Courier, SameDay Logistics and International and UK overnight courier. These are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to meet all your logistics requirements.

Our extensive UK network handles over 5 million critical deliveries per year and each package is special to us. Our 2500-plus couriers are all equipped with GPS tracking devices, so we can monitor their locations at all times and carefully plan collections and deliveries. You can also track your courier’s progress in real-time; a unique national service that our customers find invaluable and which sets our business apart.

We operate in all major mainland UK conurbations, connecting all types of businesses across Britain. Our wholly-owned national network is the key to the local customer service we provide, wherever you are in the UK.

We understand what you want from your delivery partner – complete transparency, reliability and good customer service. Our leading-edge technology means we can give you just that.

Whether you have a corporate account or just want to use a credit/debit card, you can book and track your deliveries online or via our free app, MyCourier (available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry).


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Parts Distribution: 

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