Cyber attacks increase by 32% in 2018, survey shows.

Mar 26, 2019 • ManagementNewsCyber SecuritySecurity

New study also reveals incidents rose in latter half of year with companies struggling to identify when systems are compromised.
Research by cyber-security provider F-Secure has shown that cyber attacks in 2018 increased by 32% compared to the previous year.

The survey consulted 3350 IT decision-makers, influencers and managers from 12 countries also highlighted a lack of awareness in detecting incidents, suggesting firm's preventative measures such as firewalls were insufficient.

Findings also revealed that the Finance and ICT sectors were most commonly targeted by attackers while healthcare and manufacturing received fewest, with the majority of attacks affecting US-based IP addresses.

Leszek Tasiemski said today's cyber-attacks had evolved significantly and questioned whether or not companies were even aware of the issue. "Today's threats are completely different from ten or even five years ago," he said. "Preventative measures and strategies won't stop everything anymore, so I've no doubt that many of the companies surveyed don't have a full picture of what's going in with their security."

You can read the full report here.