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Have reduced road accidents by 14% following its initial deployment of CTrack vehicle tracking to 750 vans, Anglian Water is now rolling it out to a further 500 vehicles.

Since 750 vans were fitted with Ctrack vehicle tracking solution a year ago, UK water company Anglian Water has seen the number of road accidents across its commercial fleet operation fall by 14 per cent, fuel efficiency improve by 10 per cent and carbon emissions drop by 4 per cent.

The latest agreement, takes the total number of Anglian Water vehicles tracked by the CTrack Online system to 1,750. Ctrack was originally appointed in 2014 to implement a web-based tracking solution across Anglian Water’s treatments, waterworks and waste water operations. This included the adoption of the Driver Behaviour Indicator (DBI), an in-vehicle device that alerts drivers to any infringements when on the road by displaying a series of traffic-light coloured warning lights.

Anglian Water uses Ctrack Online’s reporting tool to capture management information regarding driver performance and driving exceptions. This has enabled the company to identify areas of improvement and maximise its driver training initiative, resulting in an almost fifty per cent reduction in the number driver exceptions – such as speeding and harsh acceleration, braking and cornering – from 25 miles per event to 49 miles per event.

As part of the driver behaviour programme, Anglian Water also operates a zero tolerance to speeding, so a bespoke speed band reporting tool has been created to enable the company to monitor where any issues are occurring.

 Ctrack will continue providing a consultative service to support the ongoing success of the vehicle tracking solution. A dedicated professional services team analyses all available data to provide guidance on how best to drive operational improvements and help realise maximum value. This has included monitoring vehicle usage to identify any areas of underutilisation, so Anglian Water can take steps to right size its operation or implement fleet rotation, which will he reduce costs and improve residual value.

 Stewart Lightbody, Head of Fleet Services at Anglian Water commented: “We have worked closely with Ctrack to develop an effective tracking solution that supports our commitment to Duty of Care. The safety of our staff, other road users and pedestrians in the areas we operate is our biggest priority, so we are delighted to see such positive changes to driver behaviour. Moving forward we are targeting a 25 per cent reduction in accidents as well further improvements in fuel efficiency.”

 John Wisdom, Managing Director of Ctrack said: “We are using our expertise within the utilities marketplace to develop a highly effective partnership with Anglian Water. By understanding their business and operational priorities, we have been able to use our industry-leading tracking solution to help achieve significant improvements in terms of fleet safety, efficiency and utilisation.”


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