Commusoft Releases Real-Time GPS to Help Field Service Businesses Create Efficient Schedules & Save Money

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Field service businesses have a lot of problems that keep them from thriving—like scheduling challenges, high fleet maintenance costs, too few jobs, and wide service windows that keep customers waiting all day.

Now, these businesses can solve all these issues (and more) from within their field service management system with Commusoft's new Real-Time Vehicle Tracking feature.

The new feature builds out from the Commusoft cloud-based software package designed for field service companies both large and small, including plumbers, heating engineers, renewable engineers, electricians, oil technicians, property managers, fire & security companies, and builders.

How is Commusoft's Real-Time Vehicle Tracking feature better than a standalone GPS?

Why pay for a GPS system that doesn’t work hand-in-hand with your job management software? Because Commusoft's real-time GPS system is tightly integrated into a world-class job management system, it allows operations managers to make better decisions when it comes to tracking jobs. 

By bringing scheduling information and engineers’ locations together, Real-Time Vehicle Tracking gives operations managers the ability to create faster, more efficient schedules, which in turn lets them:

  • Reduce engineers’ travel time.
  • Reduce costs by pinpointing unsafe driving and rough vehicle handling.
  • Schedule more jobs into a single day.
  • Reduce service windows and provide faster customer service.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking also increases the odds of recovery in cases of vehicle theft. 

'These are all benefits a business wouldn't see with a traditional GPS,' says Jason Morjaria, founder of Commusoft. 'Our Real-Time Vehicle Tracking now gives businesses of all sizes access to a world-class schedule optimising solution.'

How does Commusoft's Real-Time Vehicle Tracking work?

Commusoft sends users a dedicated Commusoft GPS vehicle tracker; it's highly precise, and can’t run out of battery or be left behind at a work site—unlike tracking solutions that rely on a mobile phone’s built-in GPS. Plus, there's no need to track your engineer’s personal device, just the company vehicle.

The vehicle tracker interfaces with the Commusoft job management software to let the user track their vans and engineers in real time from their desktop or mobile device.

Commusoft’s Real-Time Vehicle Tracking is included at no extra monthly charge for Commusoft's Paperless Office plan users and higher. Users pay a one-time charge per vehicle tracker (one per vehicle), but no extra after that. Now, field service businesses can finally say goodbye to monthly vehicle tracking fees, and say hello to real-time GPS tracking included in the price of their job management software.

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