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Michael Blumberg is CMO of Mize Software and the founder & executive director of Field Service Insights. He is a leading expert on the design, execution, management and coordination of high-tech service and support operations within a wide array of industry segments, including information technology, office automation, medical electronics, building controls and consumer electronics. He has more than 20 years of experience in strategic planning, market research, benchmarking, enterprise systems design and strategic management of product support operations.

Systems of Support for your Servitization Journey

Nov 04, 2019 • FeaturesManagementMichael BlumbergOutcome based servicesServitization

Much has been made of the potential benefits of adopting at least some servitized strategies within a service portfolio. However, the processes that need to be put in place are complex and a delicate balance between increasing profitability and...

Deliver Better CX Through Best In Class Field Service Management Apps

May 27, 2019 • FeaturesManagementSoftware & AppsMichael BlumbergField Service InsightsMize

It seems that customer experience is the number one metric that Field Service Organisations are seeking to improve in today’s business environment, but it is an uphill task if your field service technicians don’t have access to the key details of...

Creating An Uber-Like Service Experience Through Dynamic Scheduling Software

Mar 12, 2019 • FeaturesManagementMichael BlumbergWorkforce Schedulingscheduling softwareStrategyUberUber for Field Service

We live in a world of instant results. Seamless, efficient and accessible service has become the new norm and unless yourorganisation adopts dynamic scheduling you may just fall behind the increasing expectations of the modern consumer argues...

Science or Art?: Making The Case for Using Econometric Market Models in Service Market Planning

Jan 21, 2019 • FeaturesmanagementMichael Blumberg

Life is full of fine lines. Genius and madness are two sides of the same coin it is often said and the balance between science and art is one full of intricate nuance. Similarly the relationship between increasing service revenue and healthy...

Best Practices in Field Service Scheduling and Dispatch: Highlights from 2018 Benchmark Study

Dec 05, 2018 • FeaturesmanagementMichael BlumbergresearchWorkforce SchedulingBlumberg AssociatesEnterprise Mobilityfield servicefield service technologySoftware and AppsManaging the Mobile Workforce

Michael Blumberg reveals some of the key findings of the latest research into field service Scheduling and Dispatch to come out of Blumberg Associates...

Exclusive FSN Subscriber Discount Offer! Introducing Field Service Insights...

Oct 16, 2018 • ManagementNewsMichael Blumbergfield serviceField Service Insightsfield service managementService Management

Field Service Insights is a subscription-based, membership website headed up by long-time associate columnist Michael Blumberg. has arranged an exclusive free trial period to this exciting new members...

Field Service Scheduling Software and What You Need to Know

Sep 07, 2018 • FeaturesMichael Blumbergworkforce managementWorkforce SchedulingBlumberg Advisory Groupdynamic schedulingfield servicefield service managementschedulingService ManagementSoftware and Apps

Scheduling software has long been a foundational technology for field service companies allowing them to meet customer demands. Michael Blumberg lifts the lid on all of the key aspects of this crucial tool...

Avoiding the Four Biggest Mistakes FSOs make when using Contingent Labour

Jun 18, 2018 • FeaturesManagementContingent LabourContractorsMichael BlumbergoutsourcingBlumberg Associatesfield serviceField Service Insightsfield service managementSeasonal Labour

Michael Blumberg, President of Blumberg Advisory Group and founder of discusses some of the most crucial mistakes field service companies can make when utilising contingent or seasonal labour...

Massive Value: The Secret to Selling More Service Contracts

May 28, 2018 • FeaturesManagementMichael BlumbergBlumberg Advisoryfield serviceField Service Insightsfield service managementselling serviceService Management

Michael Blumberg, President, Blumberg Advisory Group and founder of Field Service Insights outlines how service organisations are overlooking the fundamental difference between a customer not seeing value in a service offering and a customer...

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