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Laurent Othacéhé

Laurent is an experienced CEO who is recognised internationally as an expert in Field Service Management and Optimisation with a deep understanding of customer needs and market dynamics.

The Unsung Service Heroes

May 11, 2020 •

In an article exclusively for Field Service News, Laurent Othacéhé, CEO at Cognito iQ says service engineers workloads are increasing and stress levels rising. He shares insight from some of the firm's customers, including Baxi and Serco, to see...

Digital Transformation – The Biggest Change In Field Service In 25 Years

Mar 21, 2019 • FeaturesanalyticsArtificial intelligenceCognito iQLaurent OthacéhéMachine LearningmanagementDigitialisationStrategy

Digital Transformation is currently one of the key trends amongst field service organisations in all industry verticals, but it is a revolution that has been building for a long, long time writes Laurent Othacéhé, CEO, Cognito iQ. 

A guide to flawless field service - Employee Engagement

May 25, 2018 • FeaturesManagementCognito iQLaurent Othacéhéwhite papersEmployee EngagementEngage for Successfield serviceservice excellenceService Management

Laurent Othacehe, CEO, Cognito iQ looks at why employee engagement is a critical pillar for achieving field service excellence and offers some crucial advice for field service companies seeking to how best to ensure they are getting the most out...

Delight or disappoint – it’s time to choose

Feb 22, 2018 • FeaturesCognitowhite papersservice excellenceSoftware and AppsCustomer Satisfaction and Expectations

LaurentOthacéhé, CEO of CognitoiQ explores the importance of going beyond meeting customer expectations and ensuring you are delighting your customers...

Why productivity is paramount in field service

Dec 11, 2017 • FeaturesManagementCognitoKPIsLaurent OthacéhéProductivity

Improving productivity is the cornerstone of establishing a framework for delivering field service excellence. Laurent Othacéhé, CEO, Cognito iQ outlines why and how you should approach improving your field service productivity...


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