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Improve field service management in 5 steps

Mar 03, 2017 • FeaturesManagementKironaKnowledge SharingLaraine GeddesMobilitydynamic schedulingfield serviceSystem IntegrationCustomer Satisfaction and Expectations

Laraine Geddes from Kirona, experts in dynamic resource scheduling, mobile and field service technology contributes an exclusive guide to successfully managing your organisation’s field based workforce...

Customer satisfaction starts with keeping promises

Jan 06, 2017 • FeaturesKironaLaraine GeddesoptimisationschedulingSoftware and Apps

Laraine Geddes, Marketing Manager, Kirona explains how dynamic resource scheduling & mobile working can help you keep promises to customers...

Is unleashing our Imagination the secret to transforming service delivery?

Jul 08, 2015 • FeaturesSoftware & Appsdynamic schedulingfield service automationSoftware and AppsCustomer Satisfaction and Expectations

Field workforce automation tools such as dynamic resource scheduling and mobile working have had a significant impact on field service, with organisations that have adopted this technology consistently experiencing productivity improvements of...


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