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Jim Baston

Jim Baston is President of BBA Consulting Group Inc., a consulting and training firm located in Ontario, Canada. Since founding BBA Consulting Group in 2001, Jim has focused his attention on helping technical service companies develop and implement strategies to transform field service personnel from reluctant into enthusiastic promoters of their company’s products and services.

Defining the Steps to Supercharging your Technicians’ Revenue Generation Efforts

Feb 17, 2021 • FeaturesmanagementBBA Consultingfield service managementJim BastonLeadership and StrategyCustomer Satisfaction

Jim Baston, President of BBA Consulting Group, continues his series on “supercharging” revenue generation through the field service team. In this third blog he looks at defining the steps to ensure that the proactive efforts of your field service...

It’s All About Perception – Are You “Selling” or “Serving”?

Jan 19, 2021 • FeaturesmanagementBBA Consultingfield service managementJim BastonLeadership and StrategyCustomer Satisfaction

Jim Baston, continues his series that looks at how to encourage your service technicians to see generating revenue in the field not as a selling, but instead as a fundamental part of their role in providing the best service they can to their...

Differentiating Service Through the Field Team’s Proactive Efforts

Dec 16, 2020 • FeaturesmanagementBBA Consultingfield service managementJim BastonLeadership and Strategy

This is the first in a series of blogs on “supercharging” revenue generation through the field service team. If you encourage your field team to promote your products and services to your customers and you are disappointed in the results so far,...

The Self-Limiting Reality of Getting Technicians to “Sell”

Mar 24, 2020 • FeaturesManagementBBA ConsultingJim Bastonselling serviceLeadership and Strategy

Jim Baston, Principal Consultant at BBA Consulting asks if there really is a difference between selling to and serving out customers if the approach taken is both moral and methodical?

Is There Something You're Not Telling Your Customers?

Sep 23, 2019 • FeaturesmanagementJim BastonCustomer Satisfaction and Expectations

There is a delicate balance between leveraging the trusted advisor status of field service engineers to generate revenue and going too far so that the trust they rightfully earn with your customers eventually is broken. But that doesn’t have to...

Is it Time to Tune up the Efforts of Your Field Service Team?

Aug 01, 2019 • FeaturesManagementBusiness ImprovementJim BastonBusiness Development

Field service is a sector led by people who inherently understand operations, as such we often hear of companies ‘fine tuning’ their processes as they seek further efficiency gains. However, in today’s world service is also a significant revenue...

Will You Let the Sea of Technological Innovation Drown Out Your Personal Touch?

May 13, 2019 • FeaturesmanagementBBA ConsultingJim Baston

Our industry has seen a sea of change in recent years driven by technology. Wave upon wave of innovation has changed the very way in which we approach service delivery. In these fast changing times, maintaining a personal touch should be the rock...

Seven Questions to Evaluate your Proactive Service Effectiveness

Mar 28, 2019 • FeaturesManagementBBA ConsultingJim Bastonselling serviceService SalesStrategy

Jim Baston outlines some key considerations for companies looking to improve the service of their sales by fostering a proactive approach to selling service amongst their field service engineers.

The Value Ad of Business Development by Field Service...

Jan 29, 2019 • Featuresmanagementbeyond great serviceJim Bastonselling service

Jim Baston, outlines why companies with strong field service delivery have a huge opportunity to add both value to their customers whilst improving their bottom line by tapping into easy accessible revenue streams...

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