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Jan Van Veen

Jan has over 15 years experience in various manufacturing industries, either as business leader or as consultant. He has worked for Fortune500 business and many other – smaller manufacturers. We have seen many manufacturers struggle with business innovation and change, despite great ideas. visions and business strategies. In 2015, this has inspired Jan to start his ongoing research into what sets the leaders apart from the laggards. This research is the basis of the 4 Winning Habits and the foundation of moreMomentum. moreMomentum has a team of experienced business leaders and experts to support customers.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Aug 08, 2019 • FeaturesManagementJann Van VeenmoreMomentum

Regular contributor to this magazine, moreMomentum’s Founder and Director Jan Van Veen continues to urge firms to move out of their comfort zone in order to achieve real innovative change. Mark Glover picks some key points from Jan’s recent...

Celebrating Failure

Jul 23, 2019 • FeaturesManagementJann Van VeenmoreMomentumMotivation

“Fail-fast, learn fast,” does not really work to improve (service) innovation or agility. Individuals, teams and organisations fail when they did not do what they should have done. So, goal-oriented actions and task, whether it is execution,...

Five Reasons Why a Burning Platform is Bad for Innovation and Change

Jun 03, 2019 • FeaturesJan Van VeenmanagementmoreMomentumBurning PlatformService Innovation and Design

A burning platform is bad for innovation and change because it focuses on an urgent necessity to change. This triggers a defensive attitude causing higher risks for failure, has a lot of collateral damage and does not drive fluid, continuous...

How To Organise For Servitization

May 06, 2019 • FeaturesJan Van Veenmanagementmore momentumServitization

Discussion around Servitization has rapidly gone from understanding what the concept is to establishing how to put steps towards the advanced services strategy into practice. Here, Jan Van Veen, outlines some core practical advice for companies...

How to Monetise Services and Data

Apr 14, 2019 • FeaturesManagementDataJan Van VeenMonetizing ServicemoreMomentumProducts as a ServiceCustomer Satisfaction and Expectations

Jan Van Veen,  founder of MoreMomentum continues his latest exclusive Field Service News series on how companies can monetise their services and data by exploring how companies can remove the obstacles that are stopping them build momentum with...

How To Monetise Services And Data: Build Momentum for Clients – Remove Obstacles

Jan 17, 2019 • FeaturesJan Van VeenmanagementmanufacturingmoreMomentumIoTIoT Security

Jan Van Veen continues his latest exclusive Field Service News series on how companies can monetise their services and data by exploring how companies can remove the obstacles that are stopping them build momentum with their clients...

How To Monetise Services And IoT: Better Articulate Value

Oct 19, 2018 • FeaturesManagementConnected Field ServiceJan Van VeenmoreMomentumfield serviceIoTService ManagementManaging the Mobile Workforce

Jan Van Veen continues his latest exclusive Field Service News series on how companies can monetise their services with IoT as he turns his attention to something many companies struggle with - better articulating their value proposition...

How to Monetise Services and IoT

Aug 24, 2018 • FeaturesFuture of FIeld ServiceJan Van VeenmoreMomentumfield serviceIoTService ManagementService RevenueCustomer Satisfaction and ExpectationsManaging the Mobile Workforce

Jan Van Veen, Managing Director, moreMomentum, continues his series of articles looking at how service organisations can drive revenue from their services by harnessing the IoT...

Case Study: Creating A Revolution

May 22, 2018 • FeaturesManagement4 winnng habitsJan Van VeenmanagementMiningmore momentumOil and GasVP of Servicebig dataBusiness DisruptionChief Digital OfficerDigitalizationfield serviceHackathonsService ManagementServitizationService Innovation and Design

In this latest of his Momentum Case Studies, Jan van Veen, co-founder of moreMomentum, interviews proven leaders across the globe who are successfully implementing the 4 Winning Habits to lead innovative, energised and engaged teams.

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