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Too much of a good thing? The dangers of excessive protection for rugged tablet PCs

Apr 01, 2015 • FeaturesHardwaremotion computinghardwarerugged

Motion Computing's Ian Davies asks whether we can get too obsessed with specs when it comes to selecting a rugged device and why it's important to get the balance right...

What is in a name? Part 2: The hallmarks of field service

Feb 23, 2015 • FeaturesHardwaremotion computinghardwareian davies

Motion Computing's Ian Davies returns to the question of what defines field service...

Of horses and carts - ruggedness and reliability in tablet PC selection in the utilities sector

Oct 30, 2014 • FeaturesHardwaremotion computing

Recent independent research conducted by VDC found that the top criteria for evaluating mobile devices to support applications in the utilities sector are reliability / quality. Ian Davies of Motion Computing explains more...

What is in a name? Field service management vs. enterprise mobility

Jul 22, 2014 • FeaturesHardwaremobile enterprise managementmotion computinghardware

It is practically a given in technology that for every new trend, application and problem solved, somebody somewhere will coin a name to label the solution and market beyond its original boundaries. But this is more than just a matter of...

Damages must be paid for: why it pays to opt for ruggedised tablets

May 27, 2014 • FeaturesHardwaremotion computinghardwareian daviesrugged

Motion Computing's Ian Davies looks at the true value of rugged computing and why going for the cheaper option is a false economy...

Go mobile the right way to fully realise the power of GIS

Mar 14, 2014 • FeaturesHardwaremotion computingGIShardwarerugged tablets

Ian Davies, UK Country Manager for Motion Computing looks at the importance of GIS to the utilities field and what we need to consider if we are going to get it right...

On the move and on the front line - mobile workforce technology in utilities

Dec 16, 2013 • FeaturesHardwaremotion computingian daviestablet pcutilities

Against a pan-European backdrop of regulatory change, increased consumer awareness of price and choice and concerns over energy security, the utility sector is facing many challenges and opportunities over the next decade.  Motion Computing's Ian...


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