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IoT: Indispensable over time

Dec 07, 2014 • Featuresfuture of field serviceclick softwareGil BouhnickInternet of ThingsIoT

The Internet of Things is rapidly gaining momentum and is moving from hyperbole to reality. Gil Bouhnick, VP of Mobility at ClickSoftware looks at why IoT will become indispensable in the world of field service... perhaps sooner than we may...

What can the new iPhone and Apple Watch do for field service?

Sep 11, 2014 • FeaturesHardwareAppleiPhoneclick softwareGill BouhnickhardwareiWatch

Whilst there were not that many surprises emanating from Cupertino with the latest Apple announcement (a 5inch iPhone had already be confirmed by leaks from a manufacturing base in China, whilst the fact that Apple have been working on a wearable...

Field Service Gamification: Work hard together, play harder together

May 06, 2014 • FeaturesManagementGamificationmanagementclick softwareGil Bouhnick

Click Software's Gil Bouhnick, Vice President of Mobility looks at how how companies can use gamification in their organisations to improve efficiency....


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