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Five myths of enterprise app development in a mobile-first world

Aug 28, 2014 • FeaturesMobile enterprise applicationsCathal McGloinFeedHenrySoftware and Apps

Cathal McGloin, CEO of mobile enterprise app developer FeedHenry takes on the role of myth buster as he debunks a few false beliefs regarding mobile development across the enterprise.

What we want, what we really really want (in field service)

Mar 02, 2014 • FeaturesCathal McGloinDevice AgnosticFeed HenrySoftware and Appssoftware and apps

When the Spice Girls arrived on the scene some 18 years ago (has it really been that long?) they predicted that what we wanted, what we really, really wanted was a Zigazgaarrr (whatever the hell that is). To be frank, that prediction hasn't come...


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