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Service Signposts

Oct 02, 2019 • Featuresmanagement

Service has been revolutionised within the last decade particularly by the introduction of smart devices both in the home and at work. This offers an opportunity to help guide your customers along the customer journey, building deeper...

REACTION: Salesforce's Acqisition of Click

Aug 19, 2019 • NewsMergers and AcquisitionsClickSoftwareSalesforce

SFGSM's Bill Pollock gives an analyst response to Salesforce's $1/35bn purchase of Click Software.

Does Your FSM Initiative Require a “Mid-Course Correction”?

Jun 13, 2019 • FeaturesManagementFSMBill PollockStrategies for GrowthSM

Momentum is the missing ingredient that so many field service organisations overlook when planning for success writes Bill Pollock...

SLM May Be Transformative For Your Field Services Organisation

Apr 30, 2019 • FeaturesmanagementStrategies for GrowthStrategies for GrowthSM

In a world of fast-paced ever shifting sands where great service quickly becomes standard, and what you did yesterday, can easily become not good enough for tomorrow, field service organisations need to be able to adapt, evolve and transform...

Time To Stop Kicking Tyres

Mar 05, 2019 • FeaturesmanagementBill PollockStrategy for GrowthSurveyCustomer FocusService Management Solutions

If you’re a field service organisation you now need to move beyond merely “kicking the tyres” and start making your final FSM solution selection writes Bill Pollock.

Maintaining Satisfactory Customer Service in an Outsourced Environment

Jan 22, 2019 • FeaturesmanagementBill Pollock

Customer demands and expectations are greater than ever before at at time when training and retaining service engineers is a major challenge due in no large part to an exodus of retiring baby boomers exiting the workforce. Outsourcing is...

Key Things to Look for in a Security Services Management Solution

Dec 20, 2018 • FeaturesBill Pollockfield servicefield service managementfield service softwareSecurityService ManagementservicepowerSoftware and AppsStrategies for GrowthSM

As part of an excellent analysts paper commissioned by ServicePower, Bill Pollock has provided an in-depth look at the service requirements for the security sector, here we take a look at an excerpt from that paper...

Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Customer Service

Dec 07, 2018 • FeaturesManagementCustomer Experiencecustomer satisfactionCustomer Servicemobile workforce managementBill Pollockfield servicefield service managementfield service technologyStrategies for Growth

Bill Pollock, President of Strategies for GrowthSM gives us five questions that we need to be able to answer if we are to meet our customers’ service expectations...

How to Make Your Field Service Management Solution Rock! (With a Little Help from My Friends in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame)

Aug 13, 2018 • FeaturesManagementmobile workforce managementBill Pollockfield servicefield service managementService ManagementStrategies for GrowthSMPollockOnService

We've all know it for a long time, field service management is a rocking sector. Now Bill Pollock provides us with the evidence - rock on...

Why a Best-of-Breed FSM Solution May Be a Better Choice than ERP for Your Organisation...

Jul 03, 2018 • FeaturesFSMBest of breedBill PollockERPERP Alternativesfield service managementService ManagementSoftware and Apps

Bill Pollock, President & Principal Consulting Analyst at Strategies For GrowthSM, takes a look at the biggest two tools being used for field service management and explore the merits of each...

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