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Bill Pollock

Bill Pollock is an independent research analyst and consultant to the global Services Community. Bill has held leadership positions at Strategies For Growth (current), Aberdeen Group, Gartner and The Service Council. He has published more than 200 articles, features and columns on key services topics and is a featured presenter/keynoter at more than three dozen conferences, expos and seminars in the U.S. and UK. Bill has conducted more than 300 market surveys on topical services issues, and consulted to more than 300 clients around the globe

Thoughts from the Other Side

Nov 24, 2020 • FeaturesManaging the Mobile Workforce

>Prior to his death, Bill Pollock, left a number of articles to be published post-humously, his parting gift for the industry he served which such devotion for many years. Here, is the final article in that series, and is full of wit and insight...

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Oct 09, 2020 • FeaturesBill PollockLeadership and Strategy

The differences betweeen Yesterday, Today and Tommorrow as they relate to the services industry are just as disparate now as they were back in 1965, however they’ve been amplified due to the literal ‘life and death’ nature of the COVID19...

Building a Strategic Services Plan for Meeting Customer Expectations

Oct 01, 2020 • FeaturesService Innovation and Design

As the sad news of the passing of field service industry legend Bill Pollock still hits home, Field Service News is proud to continue to shine a light on his insights that so many in the industry have learnt from. Here we hear Bill's thoughts on...

Today’s Service KPIs Must Address Both “Back to the Basics” and “Back to the Future”

Sep 30, 2020 • FeaturesServitization and Advanced Services

We are at a tipping point in field service as we move from the traditional break-fix thinking towards field service to a more proactive approach. However, there is a balance to be held which Bill Pollock, President, Strategies for Growth...

Augmenting the First-Hand Knowledge of the Territories Your Field Technicians Support through Advanced Route Management Technologies

Sep 27, 2020 • FeaturesBill PollockRoute PlanningManaging the Mobile Workforce

Bill Pollock, President Strategies for GrowthSM outlines the importance of advanced route management for field service engineers and sks is this the responsibility of the engineer, the company or both?

Time to Raise the Bar in Field Service

Jul 09, 2020 • FeaturesStrategies for Growth SMLeadership and StrategyService Innovation and Design

Now is absolutely the time we need to start treating our Business to Business Accounts the same as our Business to Customers accounts writes Strategies for GrowthSM Bill Pollock...

Turbulent Times Require Serious Solutions

Jun 12, 2020 • Features3D printingAugmented RealityDigital TransformationParts Pricing and Logisticsworldwide

Covid-19 has changed the world, Service leaders have to look beyond "business as usual" and find new ways to operate. Developing new solutions, delivered via strong leadership, is key to continuity. Bill Pollock explains...  

Preparing to Meet Customers' Field Service Needs in Uncertain Times

Apr 27, 2020 • Featuresfield servicefield service managementInternal ReviewCustomer Satisfaction and Expectations

The service sector will weather the Corona Virus storm but our customers needs will have changed so how do you operate in a post-pandemic environment? Bill Pollock talks us through the process.

Everything You've Got Used to Will Change

Feb 24, 2020 • FeaturesAugmented Realityfuture of field serviceVirtual RealityServitizationServitization and Advanced Services

We asked Bill Pollock to predict what he thinks 2020 will bring. Typically, he went beyond the next 12 months and horizon-scanned into the not so distant service future where failure to keep-up could mean the end of your offering.

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