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In our recent series of articles we have asked if recruitment is going to be field services greatest challenge and explored why despite a negative press millennials are in fact a natural fit for field service.

The reason for this series is to introduce some of the themes ahead of our next webinar which is being held tomorrow at 4pm GMT. You can register for this webinar by clicking this link.

In the final part of this series we look at how we can attract millennials to our organisation.

“Gone are the days of where a company’s participation in regional hiring events or advertising in a paper or even a website is going to bring in a throng of great candidates.” Comments ServiceMax’s Patrice Eberline.

“This generation has different hot buttons and therefore requires different bait to entice them to your company.”

Eberline is a firm believer in having to understand the mindset of millennials and restructuring our approach towards recruitment if we are to attract the best-of-the-best to our companies.

“In order to attract this generation we need to support the notion that recruiting is a two way street. In addition to screening for skills and fits we need to  pay attention to supporting their hot buttons also” She explains.

In our forthcoming webinar Eberline will outline seven of these hot buttons which consist of:

Company Values Mission and purpose.

“At every opportunity underscore your companies higher purpose so they can pull context from social media.” She states

“The values, the mission, the benefits of a company should not be ignored in the recruiting process. Remember that these candidates have an unlimited amount of information and access to that information via the web. They will likely come to an interview with a great deal more knowledge than you might expect.”

The social media presence of your brand.

“Social is where they live we can’t ignore it.” Says Eberline “Use this as an outlet to educate candidates, to pull candidates in, to outline your values, just reach out because they will in turn be reaching out. This is the generation that makes that fan base weak or strong through social and it’s not afraid of liking or unliking so this does play a part in recruiting.”

Work life balance

“Something very important for millennials but it does not necessarily mean they are looking for an easy ride.” She insists

“On the contrary millennials are going to work very, very hard for you. That energy they bring is incredible but they are going to respect your respect for work life balance so don’t forget to include that in the conversation. “

Mentorship and training

“Mentorship and training is huge for millennials who really value face time.” Explains Eberline

“Now this may give us some unique challenges as many in field service are managing remote teams. However, if we put a TM at the end of FaceTime it becomes the app. Bring technology in to the mix to enable one to one time ads millennials value learning from others.”

Teamwork and shared goals

“Setting up situations and setting up role expectations that support their collaborative nature that shouldn’t be ignored.” Eberline comments

“Being able to encourage collaboration is something that will bring this generation to you and keep them with you longer.

Variety of experience and growth potential

“Variety is the spice of life.” She adds “They want to experience it all and they want to experience it as much as possible in their work world as much as in their private life. “

Social responsibility

“Millennials gravitate to companies with a strong social responsibility.” Eberline explains “So if your company has that outreach, if it has that as part of its company values then highlight it.”



To hear more from Eberline as well as an additional feature from Nick Frank looking at monetizing IoT in field service click here to register now.  



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