Arcus FM reports immediate return on investment following implementation of Aeromark’s Mobile Document Manager

Aug 31, 2016 • NewsaeromarkComplianceDocument Managementfacilities managementSoftware and Apps

Arcus FM, a leading facilities management and service provider has successfully deployed Aeromark’s Mobile Document Manager Technology and reported immediate return on investment from day one of implementation.

Document Manager, which is an add-on module for Aeromark’s Optimatics Software product, has transformed the way Arcus conform with health and safety requirements, as management teams have complete control over all documentation such as health and safety manuals, operating procedures, product manuals and more.

“Our previous paper based system was reliant on manual input from field teams, which resulted in a considerable amount of lost time in the field, as documents were not up to date or often misplaced in engineers vans. We needed a system where engineers could quickly access documents on the move and approve automatically”, said Parag Gogate, Head of Programme Management.

We find this systematic approach to operating much easier and can effortlessly comply with business processes and health and safety requirements

Aeromark’s Document Manager is designed for document libraries, accessible by skill set with full change control, allowing administrators to review, approve, modify and distribute documents to the mobile workforce via their mobile device. “This system ensures the most up to date documents are shared across the company; which results in greater efficiency, increased productivity and job satisfaction as technicians are now confident that they have read the correct document”, said Parag.


“We find this systematic approach to operating much easier and can effortlessly comply with business processes and health and safety requirements as we now have the ability to undertake a number of checks and if a particular technician hasn’t read a new document, they will not be allowed to proceed until they have. Furthermore this has negated the need to have printed documents and folders on technician vans resulting in cost savings and effort to get them printed and made available”, said Sam Holmes, HSQE Director.

‘‘Aeromark have been really open to working with our needs as a business and have helped us unravel ideas and concepts into workable solutions. We continue to work with them to further develop our dynamic risk assessment process which will enable us to have a solution that integrates operations and safety in a way that doesn’t hinder productivity but ensures consideration of safety is at the core of everything our people do. This can only result in safer working environment for our Colleagues and our Customers’, said Parag.

Arcus FM’s investment in Document Manager has been essential to the efficiency of their service operations which enable the company to improve the service provided to their customers and the data given to their colleagues.



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