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Mize Contact information: 

Key Contact: Gary Napotnik, CMO
Phone: +1 412-670-9023



Services provided by Mize: 

  • Field Service Management
  • Service Contract Management
  • Warranty Management
  • Service Parts Management
  • Depot Repair Management
  • Returns Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Contact Center Management 


All about Mize: 

Our Mission:

Mize enables durable goods manufacturers to Optimize Service Experience and Maximize Customer Lifetime Value.

Our Focus:

We optimize all post-sale service interactions from product registration to trade-in to deliver a seamless experience during the entire customer lifecycle. You can replace disparate applications and data silos with a unified platform for managing your Install Base, Warranty, Service Contracts, Product Support, Field Service, and Service Parts.  Mize focuses on delivering best-in-class solutions exclusively for Discrete Manufacturers and their service value chain partners.

Our ROI and Value:

Mize customers realize tangible and immediate ROI by unlocking value from the existing customer and product install base:

  • 67% increase in aftermarket lifetime value from the customers
  • 30% plus profit margin with revenues from Service Contracts, Service Parts, and aftermarket services and products
  • 15% lower costs by optimizing service delivery
  • 5 X Profit margins by increasing customer retention and repeat sales

Our Solution:

Mize Connected Customer Experience Platform connects Customers, Channel Partners, Manufacturers, and Suppliers.

Mize Smart Blox are modular and cost-effective building blocks to simplify and enhance all your service interactions.

Mize Solutions interconnect service interactions into customer journeys making it easier for your customers to do business with you.

Our Customers

Mize enables High Value Durable goods value chain (Manufacturers, Distributors, Dealers, and Service Centers) to deliver superior customer service and support.

Mize solutions address the unique challenges and opportunities of the companies with:

  • Products that last three or more years
  • Own cycle much longer than Buy cycle
  • Products that are complex to need service and support
  • Dealer or service networks to provide local or field support

Mize enable durables goods companies in the following industry to optimize service experience and maximize customer lifetime value: Heavy Equipment, Appliances, Automotive, Transportation, Industrial Equipment, Medical Equipment, and SMB Manufacturers.

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Spare parts management is a complex task. Having too many spare parts on hand can have a negative impact on the balance sheet and income statement; too few parts can result in degradation of service quality and customer satisfaction. Fortunately, there are several best practices that OEMs can implement to avoid these challenges.






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WHITE PAPER : Service Knowledge Management: The Key To Improving First Time Fix

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Providing your customers with a great Service Experience is a function of your field service technician’s ability to quickly fix problems right the first time. Unfortunately, technical know-how is getting harder and harder to come by. While this information may exist in your company, the knowledge assets may be difficult for technicians to find or access it in a timely manner. This white paper outlines an optimal solution that helps FSO overcome this challenge.





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Latest Video from Mize: