All About Fast Lean Smart (FLS)

Aug 01, 2018 • FLSFLS MobileFLSVISITOURfast lean smartField Service Management Software

FLS Contact information: 

Key Contact: Jeremy Squire, UK Managing Director
Phone: +44 (0)1183 800189



Services provided by FLS: 

  • Workforce Management and Optimisation
  • Real-Time Scheduling
  • Field Service Management
  • Dynamic Route Optimisation
  • Workflow Processing
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Reporting Tools
  • Document management
  • Car stock management
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration
  • SAP Integration
  • SaaS-Solution


All about FLS: 

FLS is the recognized technology leader in the development and implementation of real-time scheduling, dynamic route optimisation and mobile solutions.  Industry leaders such as IBM, Jungheinrich and Sky across various industries, from 20 to 4.500 field resources, have deployed FLS VISITOUR and FLS MOBILE to increase the efficiency of their field service by cost-optimised scheduling.

The key differentiator of our software is the worldwide unique PowerOptalgorithm which powers VISITOUR. PowerOpt features smart customizable target parameters that can easily be aligned with your business strategy for operational excellence and customer intimacy to enable achievement of higher resource utilisation and first time fix rates compared to other technologies.

FLS VISITOUR is provided On-Premise or as a SaaS-model and its lean architecture makes integration to your ERP/CRM system easy. In addition, our fully embedded solution FLS VISITOUR for MS Dynamics CRM or our SAP Integration Suite, offers you a seamless and fast integration and saves you not only valuable time and cost but will also improves the user experience of your employees.

FLS VISITOUR Workflow, our workflow-controlled process optimisation solution based on graphical modeling according BPMN, allows you  proactive task control and automated processes for both back office and field activities. All service processes, from call intake through commercial completion, are controlled and documented efficiently.

FLS MOBILE is our stand-alone mobile solution for your field staff. All relevant information for efficient work performance in the field is provided and in connection with FLS VISITOUR supports dynamic scheduling through the transfer of status messages and data transfer in real-time between the field service and back office. Moreover, FLS MOBILE is a platform-independent hybrid application (BYOD) so you are flexible in hardware investments.

We offer expertise to both small and medium-sized enterprises as well as global corporations, using our experience in the development and implementation of Workforce Management Software for nearly 20 years.  All products are develop in Germany by a continuously growing team of highly qualified mathematicians, information scientists, and economists. Our aim is to ensure that our solutions are undisputedly the fastest, leanest, and smartest solutions on the market.

The FLS headquarters are in Heikendorf near Kiel and further offices in Germany, UK, The Netherlands, Scandinavia and USA.


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