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Contact information for Columbus:

Key Contact: Simon Charlton, Commercial Director
Phone: +44 (0) 1623 729977


Services provided:

Columbus A/S configures and implements Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service

What We Do:

  • Columbus helps you provide a customer-centric service with a focus on personalisation, key touch points and interactions.
  • Columbus helps you optimise the entire service supply chain for increased automation, greater efficiencies, reduced costs and improved satisfaction.
  • Columbus helps you leverage field service as a profit centre within your larger organisation for additional revenue streams and growth.
  • Columbus helps you connect the dots between you and your end customer and everything in-between, closing the feedback loop.

How We Do It:

  • By leveraging key functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service and our expertise in PowerBI, Azure Services, IoT Hub and Mobility, we tailor a solution to fit the inspired service offering you want to provide your end customer.
  • Our business process led approach ensures Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service will give you a rapid return on investment by aligning frontline productivity features with your organisation's processes and procedures.
  • Our out-of-the-box integration to Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operations gives you a holistic view of your organisation with a single source of the truth. As a partner on your servitisation journey, Columbus will consult on your service vision and execute it from proof of concept to delivery.
  • Columbus uses its deep industry knowledge in manufacturing and distribution to ensure your field service solution becomes an effective extension of your organisation.
  • With proven expertise in the Dynamics 365 applications, we ensure you maintain a single source of truth, whilst adopting and leveraging new technologies. Our end to end solutions enable you to action your insights to close the loop between your design, production, distribution, end service, and the customer.

All about Columbus:

Re-imagine Field Service With An Entirely Customer Focused, Connected Service Supply Chain...

No matter where you are in your digital and servitization journey, Columbus will help you meet your top-line business objectives.

Our proven process uncovers your business potential through a combination of consulting, solution implementations and long-term services.

By marrying a thorough analysis of your business processes and operations to your business goals we are your one-stop-shop to a completely servitized business.

Our deep industry knowledge and innovative practices will ensure that your field service solution becomes an effective extension to your organization, aligned to your processes and your goals. As your partner, we will consult on your service vision and execute it all the way from proof of concept to delivery.

Automate and optimize the entire service supply chain for increased efficiencies, reduced costs and greater satisfaction

Automate and optimize the entire service supply chain for increased efficiencies, reduced costs and greater satisfaction


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service enables real-time data-driven decisions, helping you deliver an exceptional customer experience, keeping your business competitive and giving you the opportunity to open new revenue streams.

Automate and optimize the entire service supply chain for increased efficiencies, reduced costs and greater satisfaction. Action your insights to close the loop between your design, production, distribution, end service and the customer. Most importantly, maintain a single source of truth while adopting and leveraging new technologies.

Columbus has done the legwork to test and develop Industry X.0 technologies to ensure they are applicable and implementable based on industry environments and standards. Columbus helps organizations realize the benefits digitalization brings to the industry today, for a future-proof tomorrow.

Columbus is an international IT services company serving customers worldwide. We are experts in developing and providing digital business applications that help our customers in the digital transformation of their business. We are specialist within the industries retail, distribution, food and manufacturing.

We’ve proved this through more than 28 years of experience with more than 8,000 successful business cases. Columbus has offices and partners all around the world.

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