AI Powered Future State of Service

Sep 23, 2019 • FeaturesSoftware & AppsAgeing Workforce CrisisFuture of FIeld Serviceworkforce managementfield serviceUberizationIndustry 4.0Customer Satisfaction and Expectations

With an eye to the future and a desire to push today’s technologies to their limit, artificial intelligence (AI) has begun to creep into a variety of service technologies. On its surface, AI might still seem like science fiction, but the number of practical use cases will only increase over time. Are you ready to use AI to its fullest potential?

In this series, run in partnership with IFS, we will be looking to see exactly what impact AI will have on the field service sector and how your organisation can harness it. In part one of this series we looked at some of the AI basics and in part two we explored how tomorrow's advancements in AI can guide us through today's digital transformation. Now in the final part in this series we take a look to the future...