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Companies that worked with us across the last twelve months:


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The FSN Audience:

Across all of our platforms Field Service News is written for a clearly defined audience - field service management professionals. Whether they are based in Asia, EMEA or US, regardless of the specific verticals they operate in we have found time and again field service management professionals share the same challenges, concerns and goals and in Field Service News many of them find an essential tool to keep them up to date of the latest trends and technologies being leveraged by their peers to drive service delivery forwards.

As such, our largely organically grown subscriber base comprises solely of field service management professionals all of whom have opted in within the last 12 months. For a full breakdown of our audience by region, seniority and vertical please contact Steve White on

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The Field Service News Digital Ecosystem:


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If you have any specific questions please reach out directly to Steve White on and he’ll get right back to you and have a chat about how you can harness the power of Field Service News to put your company in front of this highly focused audience. 

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